About Jessica Bishop

After successfully planning her own budget-savvy wedding in 2009 (an outdoor wedding with a 150-person guest list for only $10,000), Jessica decided to dedicate her time and effort to helping other couples plan a wedding they are proud of within their financial means.

She’s gone on to build a go-to resource that reaches millions of couples each year and gives them money-saving guidance, advice, exclusive discounts, and more to empower them, educate them, and equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to plan their own weddings the savvy way. 

Jessica’s approach to wedding planning is her signature SAVVY approach:

S-A-V-V-Y : Staying Aligned with the Vision and Values that are Yours.

She guides couples through clarifying their personal values and priorities for their lives beyond their wedding day to contextualize their celebration in their bigger financial picture.

She then guides them through the planning process, using that context as a compass in navigating various wedding decisions along the way to their big day (and beyond!)

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